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(The units which saw action during the Battle)

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British Empire Forces

German Forces

redblu.gif (1634 bytes) 46th Infantry Division redblu.gif (1634 bytes) 71st Infanteriedivision       
Gen. John Hawkesworth Gen. Wilhelm Raapke
star_gol.gif (140 bytes)2nd Royal Nothumberland Fusiliers star_gol.gif (140 bytes)191st Regiment                     Lt.Col. Matthes
star_gol.gif (140 bytes)126th Inf.Brigade Hampshire     Brig. Douglas Kendrew star_gol.gif (140 bytes)194th Regiment                    Col. Völker
          1/4 Hampshire Rgt.                                Lt.Col. Boyce star_gol.gif (140 bytes)211th Regiment                        Maj. von Rumhor
             2 Hampshire Rgt.                                 Lt.Col. Rotherham               F.B. 171                                       Rittm. Rohde
             5 Hampshire Rgt.                                Lt.Col. Robinson
star_gol.gif (140 bytes)138th Infantry Brigade                  Brig. E.P.Harding redblu.gif (1634 bytes) 98th Infanteriedivision              
             6 Lincolnshire                                     Lt.Col. Bell Gen. Alfred Reinhardt
        2/4 King's Own Yorkshire L.Inf.          Lt.Col. Johnson star_gol.gif (140 bytes)289th Regiment                     Lt.Col. Winzen
             6 York & Lancaster                            Lt.Col. Miller                I Abteilung                                     Major Schallenberg
star_gol.gif (140 bytes)139th Infantry Brigade               Brig. Allen P.Bloch               II Abteilung                                    Major Arnold
    2/5 Leicestershire                                       Lt.Col. Enderby star_gol.gif (140 bytes)290th Regiment                     Major Veit
    2/5 Sherwood Foresters                           Lt.Col. Welchman               I Abteilung                                    Major Jacob
     16  Durham L.Inf.   (DLI)                           Lt.Col. Worrall               II Abteilung                                   Capt. Ludin
star_gol.gif (140 bytes)9 Manchester Regiment star_gol.gif (140 bytes)117th Regiment                     Col. Lindig
               I Abteilung                                   Capt. Sonntag
redblu.gif (1634 bytes) 56th Infantry Division               II Abteilung
Gen. J. Whitfield
star_gol.gif (140 bytes)6th Cheshire Regiment redblu.gif (1634 bytes) 5th Gebirgs Division
star_gol.gif (140 bytes)167th Infantry Brigade                 Brig. J. Scott Elliot Gen. Max Schrank
        8   Royal Fusiliers                               Lt. Col. Sperling star_gol.gif (140 bytes)85th Regiment
        9    Royal Fusiliers                              Lt.Col. Cleghorn             A.A.85 (Recce)
  7th Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire L.I.Lt.Col. Houchin               I Abteilung
star_gol.gif (140 bytes)168th Infantry Brigade              Brig. Matthews              II Abteilung
        1 Welch Rgt.                                     Lt.Col. Brooke            III Abteilung
        1 London Scots                                Lt.Col. Law star_gol.gif (140 bytes)100th Regiment                           Lt.Col. Richard Ernst
        1 London Irish Rifles                        Lt.Col. Baucher          A.A.95 (Recce)                                   Major Schomburg
star_gol.gif (140 bytes)169th Infantry Brigade Brig. Smith Dorrien                 I Abteilung                                  Capt. Hermann
        2/5 Queen's                                        Lt.Col. Ling                II Abteilung                                 Major Zwickenpflug
          2/6 Queen's                                       Lt.Col. Renshaw              III Abteilung                                 Capt. Bachmaier
         2/7 Queen's                                      Major  M. MacWilliam star_gol.gif (140 bytes)95th Mountain Artillery             Baron von Le Fort Rgt.
star_gol.gif (140 bytes)RECCE  - 44 RAC                  Lt.Col. Little
star_gol.gif (140 bytes)RECCE  - 46 RAC                  Major Preen redblu.gif (1634 bytes) 278th Infanteriedivision
Gen. Harry Hoppe
redblu.gif (1634 bytes)7th Armoured Brigade star_gol.gif (140 bytes)992th Regiment                       Lt.Col. Kranz
Brig. Otho Prior Palmer                 I Abteilung                                    Capt. Bergmann
        2 Royal Tank Regiment (RTR)          Lt.Col. Lascelles                II Abteilung                                   Capt. Dörwald
        8 Royal Tank Regiment (RTR)          Lt.Col. Talbot star_gol.gif (140 bytes)993th Regiment                       Col. Bröcher
        7 Hussars                                              Lt.Col Jayne                 I Abteilung                                    Capt. Böse
               II Abteilung                                   Capt. Diester
redblu.gif (1634 bytes)25th Armoured Brigade   star_gol.gif (140 bytes)994th Regiment                       Col. Beyer
Brig. J.N.Tetley                 I Abteilung                                    Capt. Minne
       51 Royal Tank Regiment (RTR)          Lt.Col. Holden                II Abteilung                                   Capt. Kurz
        North Irish Horse                                 Lt.Col. The Lord O'Neill star_gol.gif (140 bytes)278th Rifle Battalion                 Capt. Möhring
          142 RAC                                                  Lt.Col. Peyton
redblu.gif (1634 bytes)4th Indian Infantry Division
Gen. A.W.W.Holworthy
star_gol.gif (140 bytes)Rajputana Rifles
star_gol.gif (140 bytes)5th Infantry Brigade                 Brig. R.Saunders-Jacob
  3/10 Baluch
  4/11 Sikh
  1/9 Gurkha
star_gol.gif (140 bytes)7th Infantry Brigade                  Brig. O. de T.Lovett
    1 Royal Sussex Rgt.
    2/11 Sikh
    1/2 Gurkha
star_gol.gif (140 bytes)11th Infantry Brigade                 Brig. M.E.C.Partridge
    2 Queen's Own Camerons Highlanders
    3/12 Frontier Force Rgt
     2/7 Gurkha
star_gol.gif (140 bytes)6th Royal Tank Reg. (RTR)        Lt.Col. Jackson
star_gol.gif (140 bytes)12th Lancers (Armoured Cars)

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